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advice on expanding fashion sense?

I'm a 21 year old dude and I've never really paid any attention to fashion whatsoever. Just kind of use the same old shirts and jeans over and over as well as clothes I get for Christmas etc. I'm keen to expand my fashion sense a little bit but I literally don't even know where to start, like maybe I'm looking for some new t shirts, I don't know what brands etc to look for. Anyone have some advice on how a total newbie to fashion can go about getting his own style a bit more?
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Take it from a guy who wears anything and people still find it fashionable and say it looks good on me. Hit the gym and get fit, Build some muscles, man. Then, even if you wear a Primark T-shirt it will look like Prada on you. There is a physique that transforms George to Gucci and others that transform Gucci to George.

Save your money, my man. Don't waste it on big brands. Physique + affordable brands + cheap accessories that most guys don't wear such as beads, leather necklaces and wristbands = a great, unique sense of style. Now, that's your sartorial dilemma sorted.

Do this and come back and thank me later.

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