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Provisional license taking 4 months to arrive

I applied on the 19th of June and still have not received my provisional license, I had my documents back around 2 months ago with a letter saying it should arrive within 2 weeks but it's been 2 months since that date. I've phones them and they've said they're looking into why it's taking so long to arrive, it's extremely annoying and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue as well?
Only reason I can think of: have you declared a medical condition?

It took me 6 months (and a complaint!) to get my provisional licence after declaring a medical condition.

If it's not: That's really long - it's only supposed to take three weeks. I'd suggest contacting them again and if it remains unresolved, submitting a complaint to DVLA:

Don't worry - you don't need a licence number, but if you have any reference numbers, they may be useful.
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