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SFW application temporary absence evidence insufficient

Hi. Made an application through SFW. I was on an extended holiday from Oct 2020 to July 2021. I was not working at that time. They asked me to send evidence of temporary absence, i sent flight tickets, dual citizen passport from the country i visited, my british passport, council tax bill for the period i was away, proof still had tenancy in UK.
They have come back to say insuffient evidence as per below.
" Evidence can include but is not limited to the following:

A letter from the employer on headed paper confirming temporary employment including dates
A contract from the employer that clearly shows the employment is of a temporary nature
A letter from HM armed services (if applicable)
Temporary visas or work permits in addition to the above"

I do not have a visa as i have dual citizenship.
What else can i send? It was just a holiday visiting family as i had a baby and needed a break. I have not been working since 3 years before the holiday. I did include a cover letter stating the fact but they still asking for the above.
Any ideas anyone?

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