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Dimensional Analysis engineering help

Hello everyone,

I'm leonardo and I have been trying to figure out a problem for the last couple of days but even though my maths seems to be correct I get some strange results.

The problem I'm trying to tackle is how to perform a dimensional analysis on a small sailboat which will relate how the speed of the sailboat is affected by the windspeed and other factors such as mass and drag and so on.

This should end up with an equation where we can figure out the speed of the boat based on the windspeed and other factors (with the focus being the windspeed in this case)

I've tried a million different ways but I simply keep getting that a faster wind speed will result in a slower boat. If anyone has any insight I would forever be grateful.

My dimensional analysis currently involves the sailboat being affected by the sail area, viscosity of the water, mass of the boat, gravitational constant, drag (or resultant force doesn't matter), wind speed and of course the speed of the sailboat itself

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