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I do maths, pyschology and further maths. Which jobs can I potentially choose with these three?
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I do maths, pyschology and further maths. Which jobs can I potentially choose with these three?

Most jobs (400+) out there strictly speaking don't require you to have a degree. However, a number of them may ask you for specific qualifications other than A Levels in general (so you might need to take further courses at college if you intend to go into specific roles). Only a handful (say 200 or so) will require a specific degree of some sort.

The random careers that you would be eligible for with no further training post A Levels include:


Government services

Social work

Some areas of healthcare

Most areas of business (HR, marketing, accounting, sales)

IT roles

Some areas of construction

Most areas of property

Most areas of beauty and wellbeing

Creative/design and media (if you're good)

Theatre and film (if you're good)

Music (if you're good)

Anything related to writing (if you're good)



Armed forces and police force (if you pass certain tests, have a clean record, and are of a certain age range)

Some environmental services



Management (if you have the relevant experience)


Care work

Travel and tourism


Entertainment (if you're good)

Translation (if you are fluent in more than one language)

If you decide to go back to college (adult college), then you can do courses that are relevant to the following:

Animal care (other than vet)

Some areas of construction and certain trades

Some areas of beauty and wellbeing

Some areas of engineering

You can go into the following areas with specific professional qualifications (irrespective of what previous qualifications you have):


Actuary (if you have a math background e.g. A Level Maths)

Law (CILEx)

Most areas of finance

Delivery and transport (licences)

Sports coaching

If you're asking about degrees that tyou would be eligible for...
Specific degrees that you can do based on maths and psychology:

Any degree that ask for maths + a science (if they consider psychology a science) - this is usually in life sciences


Maths and statistics

Biological mathematics and possibly bioinformatics

Computer science and software engineering

Finance, actuarial science, financial engineering, and financial mathematics

Business analysis, data science, data analysis

One civil engineering degree and one physics degree out of the entire UK (purely because they didn't ask for physics on top of maths)

Psychology from picky universities

Degrees that accept any random A Levels:

Anything in business expect for financial mathematics and actuarial science (for obvious reasons)




Sociology and criminology

Most psychology degrees

Some degrees in creative writing and English literature

Nonquantiative economics degrees







Some art and design degrees, including architecture

Some geography degrees (usually ones with emphasis on human geography)

Some history degrees


Game design


Property and urban planning


Media studies


Paramedic science

Social work

In terms of roles that require specific degrees as entry requirements, they tend to be in life sciences/healthcare (e.g. nursing, paramedic, nutrition, psychology, certain roles in healthcare), education, and academia. With a maths degree, you can also sometimes get into bioinformatics via the NHS, as well as getting into certain mathematical roles in finance e.g. quants, actuary. You should be able to get into an SQE (law) with a degree in any subject, but some people argue that you would need an LLB or PGDL to do so.
Careers where an approved degree would be helpful include: architecture, social work, engineering, property, economics. This would save you from doing a degree apprenticeship.

It's going to be significantly easier if you start off with the sort of careers that you want and then work your way backwards.
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Thanks for the advice! I will be sure to use it in the future :smile:

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