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How easy it’s to get a 2:2

So I’m in my last year and I have recently found out I’m pregnant , keeping the baby and all that. However the first trimester is hitting me HARD and I am in drama school so attendance is a big thing . I am planning on applying for a pgce in modern languages next year as I don’t want to do acting anymore , however of course I still need to pass this year at least with a 2:2 . I got like 54% in my second year , still due to attendance for other reasons that I should have been justified from but they didn’t count that so not very nice , but I’m aiming to get it this year as well but I’ve been struggling with throwing up every morning and all that. We don’t start assessments until January but I’m worried that my poor attendance atm might cause me some problems and I’m really trying , just of course the first 12 weeks in a pregnancy are not easy (and I’m at week 7) and I’m just worried. Does any of you know if just sending /doing the assessments on the dates will be enough for it , or if the attendance (even if justified and the university knows about it) will play a bigger role and they are just going to ignore my mitigating circumstances again?
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