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Will DSA pay backdated travel reimbursements if I'm at a different campus (same uni)

DSA pay for my travel costs (mileage reimbursement/a set number of taxis per year when my mum can't take me)

Last year (foundation year) was all good and they reimbursed all the mileage up to 12.8miles per single journey, 8 single journeys a week (Which was fine bc for foundation year - and first year as well - I'm only in 3 days a week).
I did not apply for a loan etc so being a self funder, you have to reapply for DSA every year.

This year is slightly trickier. DSA only pay for mileage if you travel to the exact postcode specified.

My uni has 2 campuses. Last year I was on the main campus (the campus initially agreed for for the 12.8 mile travel reimbursement - tho depending on the route taken, it's between 11 and 14 miles from my house to that campus).

This year I'm on the secondary campus, which is further (between 11 and 16 miles depending on route) and has a different postcode.

I emailed DSA on the 19th September (didn't start until the week after) explaining the situation, and asking them to change the address on my entitlement letter to the address of the campus I'd actually be studying at for the next few years.

They emailed back on the 5th October, telling me I'd have to reach out to my needs assessors (I assume they'd have to issue another entitlement letter, which takes ages. Took I think about 15-20 working days when I got my laptop removed from the quote so I could buy outright the specific model I wanted and get a partial reimbursement).

I emailed my needs assessors I think the same day, and got a reply on the 11th October from someone new (someone else from the company and not the person who actually assessed me) asking me how many days per week I'm at this campus.

I replied on the 13th October saying this year I'm there 3 days a week but I presume it'll be more later into my degree.
It's been almost 4 weeks (it's 1am Tues 7th, by Friday 10th it'll be 4 weeks) and no contact from them. Nada. Nothing.

Do you think I'll be able to backdate the reimbursements even from when I contacted the needs assessors? Do you think DSA will pay out for these weeks that I've been on a different campus to the one they've been paying out for?

Last year I got ChatGPT to put the dates, home & uni postcodes and mileage into a spreadsheet for me for each term, and sent them to DSA. I was going to do the same this time as it's much easier for me than having to manually put it in Excel.

I reached out to the needs assessors and they replied asking me how many days per week I'd be at the secondary campus, it's not my fault they haven't replied since.

Not really sure what I should be doing.
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