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DSA needs assessment for ADHD

Alongside noise-cancelling headphones, and possibly help with concentration for readings and lecture notes, is it stupid to ask for them to buy me a dim/not-too-bright bedroom lamp? I'm asking because I have never heard or read anyone with ADHD asking for this in several forums here.

I'm very sensitive to bright lights, especially fluorescent lighting, which distracts me from studying and concentrating - this can be very annoying if I want to get some work done during the evening.

This article backs up my case:
Erm, this is a good question. I don't think most suppliers provide lamps etc so I doubt they would be able to approve this
The most they might be able to do is say they will refund you up to a certain amount for you to buy your own but haven't heard of them doing this but it is worth asking they should also provide mentoting to help you with time management and maybe printing allowance if you say that working in the library makes you loose concentration
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