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Disabled Student Allowance and dyscalculia

Hello everyone,
I'm applying for Student Disabled Allowance and so far I've got a medical letter from my Doctor regarding my disability and how my disability affects my day to day life but I've got a letter explaining my diagnosis of dyscalculia since I was only diagnosed with dyscalculia last year.

Should I upload my Dyscalculia diagnosis letter to the Disabled Students Allowance as well as my medical letter?

Thanks :smile:
If you feel comfortable to share what the disability is that the doctor has done the letter for
Is it a potential diagnosis for dyscalculia if so and you've been approved then I don't see a need.
If it is for something that causes significantly different impacts such as wheelchair user then I would submit both
Personally I would submit both as there aren't any consequences with uploading both and for me I would be more comfortable knowing they have all the information to provide the best support that they can for you

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