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I'm currently in my first year of medicine, and just not too sure that I am utilising my study skills (ADHD) sessions very well. I was offered a specialist mentor, in relation to anxiety, but turned this down as it is generally quite well manged. Also, just for context, I'm 27 and nearly 10 years since my A-Levels and still struggling to get back into the swing of full time education.

I really get on with my study skills tutor, and find it a really positive experience as they basically reassure me about all the things I am doing right - and we discuss what I could change to make things better. I don't really have any essays to write (at the minute), so we discuss things like note taking in lectures and revision techniques. Mostly though we talk through my time management, energy levels and routine. There isn't much 'academically' I am struggling with, except pure mass of content, so I never really have any issues to bring to the sessions.

Like I say, I really like the sessions and they give my brain a bit of reinforcement that I'm not actually doing a bad job - but this would perhaps be something more suited to a specialist mentor, if I had accepted initially.

I was just hoping that some other people could perhaps share a bit about their experiences with study skills, particularly from sciencey/non-essay based subjects? Looking to see if there is anything else I could be taking to and from these sessions. :smile:
I am currently studying for my A-levels and I have autism. My experience with studying hasn't been ideal, for my GCSEs I barely revised because it stressed me out as I didn't really know how to do it properly. I am doing biology at A-level and have offers to study biology at uni, and I have found doing my revision mostly online is beneficial as I then can't lose flashcards etc.
I'm autistic and was allocated a mentor and study skills tutor
I originally had both at the start of the year (from different companies) the company for the mentor wasn't a good company so got my funding changed and never reapplied for the mentor.
With my study skills tutor I get on really well with her and she's trained in both (as apparently most are) and we do both in the hour
If you are happy with the support at the moment then I would say its easier than building a relationship with someone who is new

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