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Dsa help please!!!

My name is Alisha Mahmood, and I am in the process of applying for a spot in the Software Engineering program at University. As someone who has always been dedicated to using technology to overcome challenges associated with my disability, (severe visual impairment) I am reaching out to inquire about the possibility of assistance from the Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA).

I have been using an iPad throughout my secondary and college education to help manage my disability, which includes achromatopsia (full colorblindness), nystagmus (eye movement irregularities), and astigmatism. The iPad has proven invaluable for note-taking and accessing course materials.

For the upcoming Software Engineering course, I am required to use a MacBook Pro 14 inch to accommodate the demands of programming and software-related tasks. To ensure that I can effectively manage both the programming requirements and my note-taking needs, I am seeking assistance in obtaining a 12.9 inch iPad. This would allow me to use it for making notes, accessing PowerPoints, and ensuring an inclusive learning experience.

Understanding that these devices may be provided through DSA, I am willing to contribute financially towards both the MacBook Pro and the iPad. I believe that having both devices will significantly enhance my ability to excel in my studies and overcome the challenges posed by my disability.

I would greatly appreciate your guidance on the process of applying for DSA support in obtaining these devices and any additional .

Do you guys think DSA will be able to provide me with both? And I don’t mind financially contributing to them both either
Hi, sorry I can't offer you any information personally, but it might be worth looking up This Student Needs! They help students apply for DSA and might be able to give you more info.

When you apply for DSA, you’ll have a needs assessment, which is when they will able to talk to you about what equipment will be beneficial to you, whilst at university. To apply for DSA you’ll need to fill out a separate form to your student finance. You will also need to supply DSA with letters that state your conditions.

Here’s a link that has some helpful information on DSA and applying for it.

Hope this helps!

Suzan - Student Ambassador

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