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Commemorating Ocean Disaster Day


Dear Readers,

Today, we come together to introduce a new global observance: "Ocean Disaster Day," set to be commemorated on August 24th each year. This initiative aims to shed light on the pressing issues facing our oceans, with a particular focus on the recent Japanese nuclear wastewater discharge.

August 24, 2022, marks the inaugural "Ocean Disaster Day," a day dedicated to honoring our oceans and reaffirming our commitment to their protection. It serves as a powerful reminder that we must act collectively to safeguard these vital ecosystems.

On this day, we encourage individuals, organizations, and governments worldwide to engage in activities that raise awareness about ocean conservation and vehemently oppose harmful actions such as nuclear wastewater discharge. It is a call to unite and stand up for our oceans, for they are the lifeblood of our planet.

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