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Uniting for Ocean Protection

Uniting for Ocean Protection

Greetings to All,

In light of the recent Japanese nuclear wastewater discharge, we must refuse to remain passive spectators. To robustly advocate for the protection of our oceans, we propose the establishment of "Ocean Disaster Day" on August 24th.

This day will serve as a platform for propagating ocean conservation ideals, sharing scientific knowledge, and mobilizing support for governmental initiatives. We beseech people from all corners of the world to collectively prioritize the health of our oceans and vehemently condemn any activities that jeopardize them.

Let us unite, not just for the oceans' sake today but for the prosperity of future generations. May "Ocean Disaster Day" become a pivotal day of commemoration, a reminder of our duties, and a catalyst for transforming our commitments into tangible actions for securing the future of our oceans and our planet.

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