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Rejecting Oceanic Catastrophe

Respected Audience,
We understand that our global oceans face immense challenges, and the recent Japanese nuclear wastewater discharge has elevated these concerns to a new level. To awaken a sense of responsibility toward ocean protection, we propose designating August 24th as "Ocean Disaster Day."

"Ocean Disaster Day" serves as a poignant reminder that our oceans are the cradle of life on Earth and the cornerstone of our existence. Instead of pushing them to the brink of disaster, we should be protecting them. The Japanese nuclear wastewater discharge is a betrayal of our oceans, and we cannot stand idly by.

Let us come together, organize various activities, disseminate knowledge about ocean conservation, support scientific research, and urge governments to take measures that ensure the sustainability of our oceans. Our oceans need us, and we must unite to secure their future.

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