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Do I have a chance at dentistry? (pleaaassseeeee helpppp)

I really want to do dentistry, preferably in Manchester but I'm not sure if I've even got a shot and should still pursue this. In GCSE, I got A* (9) in all English and a B in Maths, I got an A(7) in Biology and a B(6) in Chemistry, on the whole I got 6 grades at A and above but for the course I want I need 7, will this completely eradicate my chances at being considered? The course I want to apply to in Manchester is the contextual offer, where I'd need AAB including Biology or Chemistry. For A Levels, I'm doing Biology, Health and Social and Graphics. In Biology, so far I've taken a key assessment and got a B, I'm worried I won't get the right grades. I'm really worried that I'll be rejected because of my GCSE's, in comparison to those who are applying and have the right grades. If I got all A's or even the minimum for this course, would my GCSE's matter? If I don't get accepted there I'm not sure where else I'd be able to do dentistry since I didn't take Chemistry, and I'm not too keen on looking for different careers. What should I do?
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You can check this document DSC-Entry-Requirements-entry-2024.pdf ( however most schools want biology/chemistry and another science (chem, bio, psych (for some), maths or physics) and another subject.

look at contextual offers as some have different requirements or you can consider a gateway year.

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