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Is it too late?

I started college this year and, I'm growing to hate it. I guess I feel as if I picked the wrong subjects. I'm doing A-levels, and I'm so bad at keeping up with the work; it is making me feel so sad. I realised I wanted to do something that was more my thing, art/design/animation. I missed so many days just from not caring enough about it all, kind of hoping that I'd get shoved out of my courses and have to re-apply next year. I realised that was kind of dumb. I guess the reason for my choice in courses was that I didn't know a lot about what I was getting myself into, and I wanted to do art in the first place; but I was so confused about portfolios and I never got any of my art back from secondary school. Was I expected to create an entirely new portfolio over the summer or something? I draw a lot as a hobby, but is that even good enough for college? I don't think there is a lot I can do about it now.
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Go back in time and examine why you made the choices you made? What were your thought and logic processes at the time you decided to study these subjects that you are so now disconnected to? Were you listening to your own head or was someone else urging you do 'these' subjects because they were 'better' for you? You have now 'passively' removed yourself by missing days and have sat waiting it out? You have wasted a lot of time. You have so many questions about the art you left at school, and might have needed at college. If your 'lost' portfolio is important to you, go back to your old school, and ask the office if there is any possibility of trying to locate the folder, or wait for a school break and go and ask your former art tutor. Then you have done all you can to resolve this loss of course work. But do something. If you really want to do A-Levels do something now and find out what your options are. You need to do the leg work here, this is your life, not anyone else's.

No one subject is 100% plain sailing.
If you want to do A-Levels and feel you have the ability. Understanding the depth and extent of the study required can be a big shock to the system. Go and discuss the subjects you are 'stuck' with at college and the course admin. Talk with your tutors. Art is only one subject out of a number of A -Levels you are studying? Maybe well meaning people may have suggested 'art' is a subject best left for a hobby rather than a career and would have urged you to study more academic subjects? A-Levels are seriously hard work. Have you let all the subjects slide? Talk to your prospective tutors of the subjects you do want to do. Art may be an option but any subject you take will need 200% effort. Are you willing to put that in?

Think also about an option of not doing A-Levels. But before you make any decisions research and look at other options, other available jobs, training. Make the most of your college careers unit and talk with someone over your options while you have the facility and opportunity. Doing 'nothing' is not a good use of your time. You can never get back that 'lost' time. Life is too precious just to sit and wait and see and hope if you are not actively making your own future. I really hope you can find your passion in art and get the inner resolve to find a way forward that you are happy with.

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