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Very very very late application

I completed my UCAS application to 2 universities BUT I do still have to get my predicted grades and reference letter, spring break has started so I can only do this after the 15th. Will it be too late then? I've delayed it for so long since my art teacher wouldn't give me a predicted grade of higher than a D which is horrible and I wanted to get it to atleast a B but is it too late now?
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You can apply up to the end of June with a 'normal' late application - providing those Unis are still accepting applications, but just be aware that Unis can and do close courses with no notice.
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Thank you so much!
Hi there,

The UCAS deadline for most courses is mid-January, but some universities accept late submissions, especially for courses with vacancies.

Remember that if you won't be able to submit all paperwork until June, there is always Clearing through which you will find available courses at multiple universities.

Lastly, if you’re worried about the predicted grade from your art teacher, you might want to discuss your concerns with a school counselor to see if there’s a possibility of reassessment based on your recent work or progress.

I hope I managed to help!

Best of luck,
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"but some universities accept late submissions, especially for courses with vacancies."
They aren't likely to accept applications for courses with NO vacancies are they?

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