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JSA Claim

I’ve started a JSA claim after leaving my job. I know that I need to give a valid reason for leaving my job to be approved for JSA. A basic outline of why I left my job is that I had worked there for 5 months and still had one month left of my probationary period the workplace environment was like stepping back in time in terms of the sexist and racist jokes made and the general attitude. For reference I’m a woman. I was shouted out and called stupid by a head of department in front of the whole office for making a simple mistake that could easily be fixed that only occurred due to lack of training. On my first day I was told to get on with the job without any training despite having no previous experience in the role (that was discussed at interview and could be seen on my cv). My direct supervisor refused to speak to me and would ignore me when I asked questions about work tasks assigned to me. I spoke to my line manager about various concerns I had about being able to do my job due to a lack of support or 1-2-1’s (as I’d never had one in the job despite my contract stating I’d have one every month) I explained that I felt whenever I tried to ask for help and support from my immediate team they ignored me or gave conflicting advice, that I didn’t mind being spoken to if I’d done something wrong or made a mistake but would have preferred if this could be done privately in future and not in front of others. My manager told me that it was my fault for not integrating with the team properly and that it was no one’s job to make me feel included or to help me in my job and that all team members are busy and won’t have time to help me. For reference this is my first job after finishing my degree but I have had two previous jobs so understand what the working environment is like, both office based but in different positions. My manager told me that the banter in the office isn’t right but it’s not going anywhere all that’s just the workplace culture and I need to get used to it as it’s a male dominated industry and nothing there will change even if I raise the issues again. The meeting basically ended with my manger telling me I’d be wasting a good opportunity when I have so much potential and could go far in the business if I just grew a thicker skin and they didn’t want a hysterical woman on their team so I needed to make a decision about my job and what I wanted to do. So I decided to leave as when I went to get on the bus to go to work I had a panic attack the next day so ended up to going to work and handing in my resignation. Do you think this is a sufficient reason for the interview, if not it’s fine as I’m currently living off my savings and actively applying for jobs the only reason I’ve applied is because my careers advisor told me to.

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