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Drama GCSE- Devising Drama Performance. Overcontribution?

Hey all,
Obviously you can’t see my piece for reference but I have my devising performance extremely soon and I was wondering about this?

In my performance, I mainly play a businessman with a large monologue, but then as the scene changes, I basically turn into a new character straight away. I’ve also got frequent roles in the rest of the performance (being in every scene).

However, is it too much? Will I be marked down or seen negatively at all for this much contribution? Or is it a good thing? I’ve got no idea😭

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Nope, not at all. In fact, you are incredibly lucky as you will hit all the marks for showing a range of theatrical talent and techniques.

Your teammates on the other hand will suffer greatly as they have far less to do, but thankfully since it's marked individually; if your acting is at an acceptable level you should be looking at a high grade and far higher compared to those in your group.

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