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Drama or Spanish gcse

Disclaimer: I’m sorry if this long and kind of a brain dump but I’d greatly appreciate your thoughts :smile: I’m currently in year 10 and i have started drama though i am now having second thoughts and stressing a lot if i have made the wrong/not as practical decision.Here are my current GCSEs:colone:nglish (lang and lit)Maths (taking in year 10)Further maths (taking in yr 11)Biology Chemistry PhysicsGeography Computer science FrenchDrama/Spanish As a bit of background info, I’ve loved acting and drama all my life whereas I started Spanish in yr 7. I know one deciding factor is if i love the subject; if I’m honest Spanish will always be second place to french (btw is doing 2 languages good???) and drama as a gcse is also kind of mediocre. Either way I don’t plan to take either to a-levelAs for confidence/proficiency in the subject : languages are one of my stronger points. i haven’t ever done theory in drama but I’m sure once I get the exam techniques down i should be fine.I know drama is a lot of theory I wanted to know poeple’s experiences of the theory and devising section. Is it worth doing 70% writing in drama or is it more productive/useful to learn a language, than about a play i will forget in 2 years? On the other hand drama is a much lighter work load so i may have more time to revise my other subjects because of that.In addition, if i am doing lamda this year , should i take Spanish then?Thank you so much for reading all of this, I’m sorry It’s a lot but i still had to cut out so much 😫
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What do you plan to do later in life? If you want to do anything related to drama and theatre as a career, then drama GCSE is the way to go. If not, it wouldn't really be that useful anyways. Of course, if you love the subject, the you should do it but if you are having doubts, then it may be best to reconsider.
Of course doing 2 languages is good! If you are able to handle the workload, then Spanish would probably be what I would take. The more languages you know, the better. Even if you become an intermediate speaker in that language, it would be much easier to advance later on if you choose to do so. Learning more languages can open more job opportunities and being bilingual or multilingual is what employers typically favour. The more languages, the better. You would be able to communicate to more people around the world. Although GCSEs aren't really recognised qualifications internationally, this is still a good way to start learning a language. Maybe switching to Spanish is what's right for you.
I am, yet again, asking, what career do you have in mind, and is it related to drama? Personally, I am not preparing for Drama or Spanish GCSEs but I have a friend that is taking Spanish GCSEs and she seems to enjoy it a lot. Hope this helps!

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