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Doing a bachelor's in psychology in another country then doing a masters in the UK?

I really want to study abroad, for uni, but I know to be a psychologist I have to be bps accredited. So I'm thinking if I do a bachelors in another country, I know that worn be bps accredited, but I can get that by doing a masters in the UK. Can I do that? Or do I have to do a bachelors in UK to do a masters here? I don't really know how it works, so I hope someone here can help me out!
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If you do a BPS accredited Psychology conversion masters in the UK you will be fine in that regard. Though you should know that the BPS consider applications for accrediting non UK degrees on an individual basis, I think you apply after you graduate and they look at what you studied to see if it meets their requirement. There is no guarantee that they would decide to grant you graduate basis for chartered membership (which is what you get after studying an accredited degree, it basically lets you go on to continued study as a Psychologist) based on that study though. If your aim is to become a psychologist in the UK it would be much more straightforward to study an accredited degree in the UK, but if you are dead set on study abroad then applying for GBC based on that qualification or doing a conversion masters would get you to the same place.

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