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Deloitte Feedback Report

Hi all,

I have just applied for a consulting role and completed my IOA.
In section one (ranked Q's of workplace scenarios) my greatest strengths were: problem-solver & goal orientated. My weakness was recorded as: data-focused. In section 2 (video interview + written responses) they were: problem solver, clear communicator, data focused, goal orientated, motivated.

After a quick search, a few of these strengths do align with what deloittes values, although I feel a bit prangy about how many of these aligned, but naturally that was going to be the case regardless.
I have the following Q's:
a) Would the data focused weakness in section 1 be mitigated by it being a strength in section 2 as they were due to different Q types.
b) Is this feedback decent? Are there any early areas of concern?
c) How best to proceed with preparing for an AC - never had one before!
i received the exact same feedback for a data analysis role

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