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write out ur rev process step by step!
For my stem subjects:

Do mock paper
Mark mock paper
Make list of topics that I didn't manage
Go over those topics
Do questions focused on those topics
Repeat from start
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go through flashcards for a topic ( make sure you genuinely understand everything)


the next day do a topic pack and mark it harshly ( go over any mistakes and check if its lack of understanding or silly mistake)


repeat until you're confident on question types and familiar with the style of the mark scheme


do a past paper (no point in doing past papers until you've gone through every single flashcard multiple times)


mark it harshly and go over any specific topics you struggled with and watch videos/redo the flashcards on it


do topic questions on your weakest part from the past paper


and then basically repeat steps 4-6

the advice i can't recommend enough is to focus on genuinely understanding the concepts and making flashcards as you go along. ps. i used this for biology and chemistry so probably not helpful for humanities
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