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Sheffield vs Loughborough Ba Geography

Hi, was just wondering if anyone could offer some insight? Thank you,
Original post by LucasGeography
Hi, was just wondering if anyone could offer some insight? Thank you,


I am currently in my third year at the University of Sheffield, and while I don't study geography, I can offer some insight into the city.

Have you been to any open days?

I think that Sheffield is a lovely city and has lots of things to do, such as museums, theatres and lots of green spaces and parks.
It is a very student oriented city with two large universities very close to the city centre. There is a tram system throughout the city centre and buses that you can get for just 80p with a zoom card (something students can apply for if they provide a Sheffield address, even if its just a term time one). There are also buses that will go out to the peak district, as well as trains so if you ever wanted a break from the city you can go for the day or afternoon.
The University has over 350 societies so there is something for everyone and if you can't see a particular society you can always start one. In first year I joined the Sign Language Society and have really enjoyed learning BSL and meeting new people. There is also a fair about of night life and the University has two club nights a week during the semester, although if you not into clubbing, there are still lots of ways to socialise that don't require it.
The University has two buildings, the IC and the Diamond, that are open 24 hours meaning if you ever need a last minute study session before a deadline there is somewhere to go and study. During the day there are lots more buildings including the SU, two more libraries and many subject buildings where lots of teaching happens.

I have really enjoyed my three years in Sheffield and hope this helps, do you have any questions?

Lizzie (BSc Mathematics and Philosophy)
Original post by LucasGeography
Hi, was just wondering if anyone could offer some insight? Thank you,

Hi @LucasGeography,

I'm not from either of these uni's however I do have some general recommendations about choosing between the two.

Have you been to any open days that are held at these different uni's? - This is a great way of viewing them both and also seeing if any give you a bit of feeling of home/ do you connect to one more. This would be an opportunity to tour the different facilities on offer, meet the lecturers and current students and ask any questions.

If you can't go to an open day for whatever reason do they have any virtual tours that you can look at instead? - Obviously this wouldn't be as good as going there in person however it would give you a general idea.

Is there a chat to student function on either of the websites this would be a great chance to talk to someone about the course if that is an option or just general student life there.

What opportunities are available at each of the uni's - placement, industry, study abroad, what connections do they have with any companies for future career goals.

Are they both campus or city based universities? - Do you have a preference on this?

What modules are available? - Do you learn different skills at one of them which more aligns with future career goals, are there any you wouldn't wish to do, do you get to choose which modules you want to do at some stage and how many would this be?

How are you assessed? - Does one university assign more coursework or exams? - Do you have a preference to this?

These questions would be good starting points into your research on which one you wish to go to more. I found all these questions useful when deciding which university out of my top two would be best for me.

Best of luck with deciding, and hope that has helped in some way!

3rd Year Geoenvironmental Hazards Student
Original post by LucasGeography
Hi, was just wondering if anyone could offer some insight? Thank you,

Hi @LucasGeography

Great to hear you are considering Loughborough!

I don't study Geography but can give you some insight into Loughborough and why I chose to study here.

Firstly, if you haven't already, I would recommend you look at this page here. This page has a lot of information about the course. If you scroll down to 'What you'll study' it outlines what modules you will cover each year with specific module details. Also, right at the bottom of that page are contact details so, if you have any specific course questions I would recommend you ask there.

I have just finished my second year at Loughborough so can give you a bit of insight about Loughborough.
There is so much to do and get involved in at Loughborough- you are never short of opportunities. There is so much to get involved in: from sport to societies and RAG and so much more! I personally chose Loughborough because of the campus and the initial great vibes it gave when I first visited. Loughborough has a great community feel and the campus has amazing facilities. I wanted to be on a campus as everything is in one place and is easily accessible. I really like the campus and community feel of Loughborough it really feels like a student town.

I tend to spend most weekdays on campus as there is lots going on for example studying, watching sports teams play and nights out at the union! Weekends I usually go into town more. As Loughborough can't offer what big cities can offer we sometimes get the train to Nottingham or Leicester, for a city atmosphere, which are both about 20 minutes away and easy enough to do. We have a campus shuttle which runs every 10 minutes and also goes into town and to the train station which is very convenient.

I hope that helps. If you have any more questions please do ask 🙂

Original post by LucasGeography
Hi, was just wondering if anyone could offer some insight? Thank you,

It's great you're considering geography for your degree! It is a very exciting topic to study! Lancaster offers both a BA Geography and a separate BA Human geography degree both with a wide range of modules you can study, I will attach a link to both below.

BA Geography
BA Human Geography

Another great thing about Lancaster is in your first year you can study a minor in many other departments across the university, allowing you to look into any of your other interests!

Good luck with your application!
Lucy (Lancaster University Student Ambassador)

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