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How do you do a PAG writeup?

I'm in Y12, doing Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Both science subjects, especially Physics, stressed how incredibly important PAGS, but we've gotten absolutely no guidance on what to include in the writeup. Not even 3min outlining the key things we need to include; they literally just had us do the practicals in class and then told us to bring in the completed writeup next lesson. I'm external so it might be that they taught this in lower school and forget about the externals. I've looked it up online but I've found very little specific information.

So what do we actually need to include? Just the results tables and completed calculations? A conclusion? What do we put in the conclusion? Do we need to include any other information (eg, a risk assement)?
Didn't you get an instruction sheet for the PAG? That should tell you literally everything you need to write about - usually just the results and questions relating to the experiment and maybe some maths.
Just a small note to say I've tweaked your thread title.

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