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I don't feel sucidal, but I think I ****ed up my chances to get into collage

I am in 12 th grade, average student, no relationship , nd topper friends....
I have my collage entrance exams on January 24 nd 2nd attempt around March ...I know I still have time to improve but I am not able to focus I was physically unfit for around 1.5 months nd even after that I couldn't study becz I thought I broke my rythm...also my school took 3 preboards which put me in a lot of pressure ...I am not able to focus on anything everyday I decide to complete a subject nd I end completing a drama ....I gave up upon my dreams to get into a decent collage nd enjoy my life now I feel I might need to take a drop year but my parents won't help be ....becz they think if u can't do it in 1 year u can't do it in 2 either ....they won't support me ......I only motivated once I get to know that my friend are already ahead of me but now even that is not working I already know they all are ahead of me but I am simply sitting nd think what can I do I already messed up....I feel there is no point of studying now since I wont get marks ......I don't know why is this happening to me everything was going smoothly until a few months ago now I think everything is ****ed up
What I would is do is take the exam and take it from there based on the outcome. If you worry about it everyday it will create a great amount of stress that will worsen you phyically and mentally. You need all the engry you have left to preserve for next time if that outcome ever happens. But One day at a time. You can not predict the future if it hasnt happen yet. Your future is determied by todays actions. Even if its just a little bit of revsion each day starting from today you can use that knowledge in the exam. Knowledge is knowledge.

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