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Urgently need help with maths for GCSEs!

I am a year 11 student who is really bad at maths and need to get better at it by next year in May! I am currently on a grade 1 in maths but for my course at college I need to get a grade 6 in it. Please give me some advice or tips to get better at it whilst having a bad teacher (She doesn't teach us well).
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I would highly recommend and for nice, well-explained videos for Maths. Try and go through each topic one by one (might be worth checking your spec), and follow along with the questions.
With Maths, practice really does make perfect (or close enough), so try and do loads of questions for all the topics you've just watched videos on/researched (see for a nice compendium of questions per topic). Gradually increase the range of topics you research, make revision cards if necessary.
I really can't stress how important doing questions are in Maths especially, because most of the time you don't need to remember much, just the technique. The Channels linked have some nice playlists that go through every topic in each paper, and if you link them with Maths Genie, hopefully that helps.

Sometimes it's hard to get your head around topics in Maths, but the one thing I would say is try not to stress yourself too much: leave yourself breaks, etc. If you struggle with a topic, leave it, and move onto another - a Maths paper is never going to be just one topic, so it's better to focus on ones you find easier, rather than trying to understand something else - in short, try and use your time wisely.

Hope this helps! Best of luck with this and your other GCSEs, I hope all goes well :smile:

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