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Time travel survey

Hello, my name is Chanel and I take Physics A-Level and aspire to be an astrophysicist. For my A-Levels, I have chose to do an extra half an A-Level called an EPQ and I will be submitting this for a GOLD CREST AWARD for being part of the future scientists. My EPQ and GCA is based off the science fiction versus the science fact on time travel. For this to be as successful as possible I am going to need over 100 people of any age group and any gender to complete a short survey that will last from January to the start of February. This survey will just ask some closed multiple choice questions and one open question which will simply ask people’s views on what they think time travel is and also what they think it would look like. Please let me know if you are interested as I am trying to collect as many people as possible and only have around 4 weeks to do so. Thank you 🙂🪐

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