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Should I just give up on my Computer Science NEA (and/or the EPQ)

I've gotten nowhere with the projects. And it's stressing me the heck out.

I made a mistake at the start by choosing a project that is too difficult for someone like me (chose to use Unity3D but I’ve literally never used it before). Then recently I came up with a new idea I knew would do so much better than my original idea but deadlines are so close and I’ll still have a ton left to do if I change to the new idea but this would mean I would do less than my ability because of how badly I’ve done on my original idea.
Another mistake I made was deciding to do two big projects at the same time. I started the EPQ just after starting the NEA and I haven’t gotten far on that either. I’m still on the introduction. It has been more than 9 months since I started. It’s due next week. I wanted to give up just before summer holidays but thought that I can do this and decided not to discontinue. I really wish I discontinued now. It’s probably my fault though. I procrastinated a lot. Not in a “I don’t wanna do this work” way but in a way I just can’t explain and has affected me for years.

I just want to give up on both right now. What am I supposed to do. I’ve done terribly so far and I just don’t think there’s any point anymore.
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I'd focus much more onto your NEA, since that is 20% of your comp sci grade, EPQ is an additional grade which although useful won't be as impactful on your academic results.

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