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Should I be doing an access course if I'm not really sure about it?

I'm 21 and currently doing an Access Course in biology and chemistry, as I didn't complete my A levels. However, I've been having serious doubts about it over the past few months as I feel like I'm only really doing it because I haven't got any better ideas, and because it's just convenient (I live in London with my dad and the college is also in London). I just have this burning desire to move out to another city and experience more of the world but i'm held back by the idea that it's a stupid decision and that i'll only regret not going to uni earlier. My heart also just isn't totally in the subject either, and I've been thinking about doing Maths or a combined art/humanities course at uni, which this course doesn't really help me much with. If you have any good advice that would be much appreciated
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I wouldn't rush in and apply for anything right now. Go into the college where your access course was to be and make an appointment with the course admin and careers section for advice. Work out what your options are for each subject and combination of subjects. Work out all the pro's and con's and time scales involved with each. Consider A levels too rather than foundation access courses (sometimes you can do a condensed A levels covering all subject material that ordinarily would take a year) Think about what you want to do with the qualifications you will gain, and more importantly which Uni's will accept them for degree courses. You can end up with a lot of debt and being even more depressed or work shy because you feel your heart isn't in it. Only you know how bright you are and what learning capacity you have at average levels of hard work. When you are determined to succeed and you are ready to go, ready to learn and study then is the time to apply. You can go to Uni at any age, but your head needs to be in the right place and ready for hard work first.

Everyone has the dream to move out of the house of Mum and Dad and find their way in the world. Some people do this fleetingly, and dismiss the idea immediately because they find their mindset is stuck solely on being at home (with all of the lack of responsibility and comfort that brings) Other people are mature enough and confident enough to move out tomorrow. Carefully look at all the practicalities involved , the expenses, the house share rent, the food, cooking, bedding, moving costs, Consider also if you decide to house share. It is a big risk because you don't know the outlook or background of anyone who offers to share with you. You are young and naive and at risk of being scammed, assaulted or mugged. It would be a steep learning curve rather than a romantic view of an independent life. Carefully plan your next moves, look at the debt levels you will incur, and plan methodically for the end of the year and the next 5 years.

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