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Restaurants to try with friends before you go home for Christmas as a student.

Eating out in London can be so fun and especially with friends. I love visiting new places to eat or even going back to the same restaurant loads because I love it!! Here are a list of places I have been to and recommend, or places that are on my hit list!

Flat Iron is a steak restaurant that has loads of locations, that sell really reasonably priced steaks and chips. I would defiantly recommend booking before (around a week before) as the queue for walk-in’s can be very big! Take a seat and enjoy the free beef dripping popcorn while looking through the menu. I would recommend a £14 medium rare steak and around one side each. I however love too many of the sides so like to split with a friend. I always go for the creamed spinach or the garlic bone marrow mash is a must! Finish off the night with a complimentary ice cream which is out of this world. It is a great place to go out on a date or with friends. I have been loads and will keep returning!

Dishoom is a restaurant I am desperate to try as have heard such good things from so many people! This restaurant is a Bombay- inspired cafe that has numerous locations, some in Covent Garden and Kings Cross. This restaurant specialises in breakfast, lunch, afternoon chai, dinner and late tipples. I would defiantly check out the menu if I were you as it looks amazing and has so much choice! Here is the link straight to it:

Circilo Popolare is another restaurant I haven’t been to but really want to. I have always tried to reserve a table but it has always been fully booked so be aware! Situated in Fitzrovia, the Italian restaurant is an amazingly decorated place that is perfect for some instagram photos! They have a variety of amazing pizza and pasta dishes on their menu, along with the desserts. Here is there menu to have a look for yourself: I know I would definitely have to pick the mozzarella on carrozza, the torciglioni al ragu di salsiccia and il tigramisu.

Please carry on in the comments any other recommendation or any reviews if you have visited these places!

-Yasmin (Kingston Rep)
Mmm this thread is making me hungry! :colondollar:

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