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University of Hertfordshire 3D animation portfolio

Hello, I wanted to know if I need a lot of 2D work in my portfolio for the 3D animation course at Hertfordshire. Currently I have an artstation portfolio but it has way more 3D work than 2D (models, rigging, some animation) and the skills that Hertfordshire asks for are a lot more 2D focused so I'm worried that I don't have the right things. I can share a link to my portfolio if needed.
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Hi there
I'm the admissions tutor for the animation programme at Hertfordshire. A link to your portfolio would help a lot! Regarding 3D Animation we tend to get two types of applicants - those with a technical knowledge of 3D with a portfolio full of it but not a huge amount of drawing, and those that come from a more fine art background who tend to have a lot of drawing and design but not much 3D. So the amount isn't as important as the quality. We would like to see you can draw some life drawings and a bit of perspective so we can see how well you can record reality and analyse it, and we would love to see some design work if you have any, but if your 3D is very strong (you mentioned rigging; if you make your own rigs then please make a video showing the functions, can your rig survive being turned upside down, is there any code to make constraints work etc - show that to us!). We ask for 2D work because it is important that our students have art skills and can design things and enjoy being creative, but if your technical skills are very strong we would still consider you (although we would warn you to practice drawing!). Show me some work and I can give you better advice.

Hi so it looks like I'm not allowed to send my artstation in replies or private message anyone yet so I can't send it right now. But thank you for the advice I'll be sure to keep it in mind.
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I think my post was removed because I put my email in it and TSR (understandably) removes those posts in case it gets people into difficulties when they post information that makes it easy for unpleasant people to contact unsuspecting students! It looks like you saw it in time though 🙂 I will send you more information soon.

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