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Dear all, I am currently considering to apply to Imperial with my actual IB scores, and I am so confused as in what is expected of me to hand in, therefore I would really appreciate any help provided.
Basically, I have heard that many students applying to Imperial with predicted IB scores were required to hand in their high school transcript to imperial (basically their dp1 and dp2 grades - or their year 11 and 12 grades). Therefore, from your experiences in applying to Imperial, I am wondering if Imperial would require students applying with their actual IB scores to send in their high school transcript.
Many thanks and appreciation for any responses provided, thank you all so much in advance :smile:
I applied to other UK unis for medicine with achieved grades and I had to list my achieved grades on UCAS. Some of my universities then requested scans of my IB certificates as proof before giving me an unconditional offer. The others did not I assume because they can access them online. You should also include your GCSE/MYP grades in the education section of UCAS. I do not see any reason for them to request the DP1 grades
Learning at Imperial College London
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Thanks so much for the clarification. But because I studied in Australia, so I was previously doing the HSC course. However, I dropped out in year 10 to attend an IB school that offers only the 2 year IB curriculum (dp1 and dp2). Therefore I do not have any GCSE/MYP grades available to submit to UCAS. All I can submit would be my final IB grades. Therefore I was wondering whether this would lead to Imperial or other UK universities asking for my high school grades/transcript. Does anyone have similar experiences?
Ah I see that’s why you called years 12 and 13 years 11 and 12. I’m from New Zealand originally so was in a similar position with NCEA Level 1 and the IB. I would recommend writing to Imperial admissions directly to see exactly what they require of you. I’ve had a look under the Imperial requirements for NSW students, but they only give the ATAR minimum grades rather than the HSC. Personally, I entered my NCEA results in the education section of UCAS as specifically as the system allowed and I also had an official transcript available if necessary. It may be that you’ll need to contact your former school to create one for you, but for now I think your first step would be to write to Imperial admissions explaining your situation and see what they say. Good luck and it’s nice to see another Antipodean on here!
Thanks so much for the reply! It has definitely cleared some things up for me, although I am still a little bit confused, but thanks so much anyways!!! I sure will email Imperial admissions, but if anyone has similar experiences please help me out :smile:
It is so nice to have your reply, and I really do appreciate your efforts! Good luck to you in your future studies as well!
Haha yes it is a bit confusing sorry! Probably my explanation in part although the system is horrible too. Does imperial list any specific GCSE requirements for your degree? It may be that they won’t require anything further than A-Level/IB grades, but they should be able to clarify this for you when you ask them.

Thanks! I’m part way through my degree now after a traumatic application process so am just trying to help others through :smile:
Oh no your response is great! I am just soo confused as in whether or not Imperial would ask for my high school transcript - as my previous school does not have much experience at all in terms of uni applications. Imperial did not state any GCSE requirements for my degree, only IB requirements. But yes I sure will confirm with them. I am just stressed out as everyone applying seems to be sending in GCSE results or equivalent, and those that did not seemed to have been asked by Imperial to send in their high school transcript - which is just confusing for me.
Anyways, thanks so much for the clarification!! And yes, uni application is Traumatising
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