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🤧 Flunked My Cambridge Interview

I cannot express the anguish I am feeling right now. I did terribly today and I knew it the moment the questions started. I absolutely waffled and grasped my way through the exercises. My interviewers tried to direct me but I was just not getting what they meant. This happened many times. Counter arguments? Nope, just restate your point. 😭 I practiced so hard but no, on the day I just couldn't think of good counter arguments and I ended up just reinstating my previous point.
I knew I knew I knew how awful I was doing. I'm absolutely devastated and disappointed with myself. I am certain I will be receiving a rejection email in January. I hate to be pessimistic, but any normal person would see how awful my performance today was. From this experience, I feel so dumb, I feel like there were parts of me which I couldn't showcase, and my nerves also prohibited me from thinking properly (tho is this just an excuse for how stupid I am?)

Best of luck to everyone else! Go chase your dreams and do your best :smile:

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