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fashion job,internship in Manchester &difficulty to apply them with sociology degree?

Is it really hard to find fashion jobs and internships in Manchester, especially when I just have sociology bachelor degree?
I discovered that the fashion internships in Manchester are just a few so it seems like finding fashion internship in Manchester is quite difficult especially if I don't have fashion degree. Also,I won't find fashion jobs in London because it is too far away from my home. I would like to work at luxury brand Chanel/Dior/ Prada or Boohoo, PrettyLittleThings in Manchester . I
want to work as a fashion buyer/ fashion merchandiser/ fashion marketing or HR/ brand management/ social media excutive in the fashion industry. Could anyone recommend some great fashion companies in Manchester that welcome to applicants with any degrees to apply to permanent jobs / internship?

I studied BA sociology year one before and I take a gap year now. So, I am going to apply ucas next year and transfer to uni in Manchester ( should be Manchester Metropolitan University). Although I am interested in fashion business, I am afraid of not getting any offers if I choose Bsc hons fashion business year 1 because I don't have any fashion business background( I am an international student who just studied social sciences international foundation and sociology year one at Sussex Uni) . Therefore, I may choose sociology again in order to secure a place at MMU. As far as I known, Manchester Metropolitan University is a relatively lenient university for international students. But I don't know if they will still accept students with no business background to enroll in their fashion business courses e.g fashion business management, fashion marketing, fashion buying and merchandising. Is the acceptance rate of fashion business high for international students with no business background? In the UK, it is still possible for universities to accept students with non-business background such as sociology to enroll in business courses? even though the students have never studied any modules that learn about business?

I don't know if it is too difficult to find fashion jobs and internships in Manchester without a fashion degree because all of the universities in Manchester provide fashion business courses and the students can gain some practical skills that are especially for fashion business. Therefore, employees may tend to hire students who already acquired fashion skills and experience on fashion , rather than students with sociology’s transferable skills. But I will try to do some extra works and put them onto my CV such as attending short online fashion courses, Excel courses, learning Adobe illustrator or any software for fashion. I am not sure if this will be much useful for me ( with a sociology bachelor degree) to apply to fashion jobs in Manchester.

Thank you everyone!
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