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Uni chioces ?? Help asp

Would I be better off job wise with a degree in business/management and marketing, a degree in marketing and media or a degree in sociology with data analytics/ economics with psychology
That depends what sort of job you want to do, how well you do in your degree/whether you complete the degree with a good result and what sorts of experiences you build up outside your studies.

What do you think are the pros and cons?
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I agree with the above, although I would steer away from sociology.
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I'm finding it hard to be certain on a degree as I originally wanted to study fashion design with marketing / fashion design with communications. But everyone I know just says to do it as a hobby and I'm scared I'll end up either wasting my time and end up in retail but I'm also scared that if I don't do it I'll regret it as I might succeed but I won't know.

Okay well I guess the pros of a marketing and business degree is it it could be easier to go in marketing ,pr and communication jobs as more employers are asking for degrees in business/marketing, some fashion companies ask for marketing degrees for fashion marketing jobs . I find business generally easy. Cons could be possibly being restricted to less creative jobs, restricted to other industries or master degrees.

A sociology with data analytics pros could be sociology could allow me to study further and data analytics could help get into more stastical jobs whcih pay well. I may struggle as I'm not a mathematical person.

Marketing and media degree pros lead to careers in marketing or media industries , not all media jobs need a media based degree , however media could help me get on to creative based masters . I'm naturally creative I just lack editing /digital skills.
Never studied media but I interested in a lot of the modules some seem abit boring. Media doesn't pay the best .

I feel like ultimately I would like to work within creative or art direction.

Early career I would like to work within the creative side of marketing or branding , maybe journalism and possibly , pr and lastly I would like to end up in art /fashion / creative direction.

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