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i want to start a band

i want to start a band i don't really know why i just do but i have a feeling that i'd quit at the first hurdle also i don't know who i'd ask to be in my band or what we'd play or when we'd practise but yeah if you have any comments on this little blip please share much love xx
Ooh! I think this is cool!
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God I've played in loads, for nearly 25 years.

My first one started with some lads I met at a local jam night. Then as I got more well known, you get offers and you meet over the course of your 'career' people that you can just ask. Putting ads on Facebook etc can help, there are loads of local and national musician groups that cater to this.

In terms of a practice venue, you can rent rooms in recording studios and dedicated rehearsal rooms. or if you know a sympathetic pub landlord, that's a cool (cheap or free) way to get sorted.
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