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I recently got an offer from Sussex for an MA in International Education & Development. I have a background in education as a teacher as well as some experience in developing countries in Africa (USAID schools).

As this program is not from the IDS of Sussex, I'm wondering if it will be worth pursuing it or trying for other programs. My main focus after studies would be to work in the development field as a program coordinator or administrator, in developing countries.

Edit: I am also looking at SOAS and UCL for their international development programs.
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Hi! I’m also applying to Sussex but in Development Studies MA, and my main goal is to work as a programme coordinator in developing countries.
I think you may have classes with professors also working in the IDS, and even though it is not directly in the IDS, the topic of the master’s is still in development, so I personally think it would be fine. However, this is my opinion; maybe hearing from actual IDS students would be more helpful.
Nevertheless, it would be great to keep in contact to share info on the university!

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