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Choosing University of Nottingham or University of Sussex

Hi, I'm currently debating whether to do an Msci Zoology course at the University of Nottingham or the University of Sussex.

I prefer the University of Nottingham's campus and accommodation options, however, the University of Sussex is in a coastal more rural area making the location more beneficial for a zoology degree.

Looking at both of the courses they both have beneficial modules but Sussex has more options for field courses (more diverse locations).

I'm also thinking of doing a year abroad, at Sussex this would mean my degree would become 5 years whilst at Nottingham my degree would remain 4 years provided the university I'm doing my year abroad at does similar modules to Nottingham.

I honestly have no idea how to differentiate these universities and am wondering if anyone has advice on factors I haven't thought about or if anyone going to Nottingham or Sussex has any advice?
p.s Thanks for reading all this :smile:

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