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Below has useful titbits of information of Lancaster Uni. My daughter started in September 2020 to study Physics, Particle Physics and Cosmology, and most of it is taken from daughter, the uni website and other sources of information. I also have a blog which has her journey of other uni open day visits, application, alevels, etc. (Leeds, Lancaster, York, Leicester and Oxford)

Campus Map

The maze map is brilliant if you want to find a specific class room number or lecturer theatre, and it looks on so many levels too.

Lancaster is a Collegiate Uni and has 9 colleges. Here are the links to each one

Pendle College https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/pendle/

Grizedale College https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/grizedale/

County College https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/county/

Bowland College https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/bowland/

Cartmel College https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/cartmel/

Fylde College https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/fylde/

Furness College https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/furness/

Lonsdale College https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/lonsdale/

Graduate College. https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/graduate-college/

Each college has their own porters lodge and a bar and study area. There is a stigma around some of the colleges, ie fylde is sporty, grizedale has more partygoers, however, all colleges are sociable and they have various competitive sports competitions between the colleges which can be anything from dominoes, pool, to football. They also have a yearly sport competition against York university called ‘’Roses’’.

Eateries and bars

Local campus eateries and bars on Lancaster campus. Popular ones are Sultans, Angels, Wibbly Wobbly Burger Bar, and Barker House Farm

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Buses run every 10 mins from campus into the city centre:

1, 1a runs down the A6 into the city and out to Morecambe

100 runs through Bowerham into the city and out to Morecambe

42 is 1 hour 15 mins to Blackpool

41 is to Preston 1 hour 10 mins

To the Lakes is 1a/1/100 then the 555 https://tiscon-maps-stagecoachbus.s3...bria%20web.pdf

Free bus every Wednesday to Sainsburys on campus. Minimum spend £5 at sainsburys and show receipt.
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Underpass under alexandra square where you catch the bus. Other bus stops are also around campus perimeter.


https://www.lancasteruniversityhomes.co.uk/ is a student portal for private rents and private halls.

https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/accommodation/undergraduate/# Lancaster accommodation

Townhouses (where my daughter is at) comprise of 12 rooms over 3 floors. 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on each floor, and the bottom floor comprises of a toilet, kitchen, dining area and living room. Townhouses are one of the more sociable types of accommodation with the living room a main focal point. We also visited Pendle standard which housed 2 bathrooms over 8 students and it was pretty decent.
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Grizedale Townhouses above

Accommodation selection takes place in late June. You can choose two options and those options have to be two different colleges. You could have say cartmel superior ensuite, and bowland standard. Or County townhouse, or Grizedale townhouse. Then In August, around a week after your results you will log on to your accommodation portal, this will state what college you are in. Accept the terms and conditions, and pay the deposit.

Your college membership fee (around 30-40 pounds) you pay with your first instalment of accommodation fees.

Current costs of 2020/2021 Note*ill try and update this if TSR lets me edit each year.

Superior Ensuite


36 or 40 weeks

All Colleges



40 weeks

Bowland and Fylde Colleges

Basic Ensuite


40 weeks

Bowland and County Colleges



43 weeks

County and Grizedale Colleges

Superior Standard


40 weeks

Bowland and County Colleges



40 weeks

Bowland, Furness, Grizedale and Pendle Colleges

Basic Standard


40 weeks

Bowland College

Single Studio


40 weeks

Grizedale and Pendle Colleges

Twin Studio


40 weeks

Grizedale and Pendle Colleges



You can also pay as you play if you are not a frequent member, and the sport centre also has a swimming pool.
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Student union


Here is a portal where you can volunteer, also join societies, services, sport, and sugarhouse, the universities night club in Lancaster.


https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/library/ there are also you tube videos on how to look for books.

If you wish to book a study space this is the link https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/library/...a-study-space/ What with covid, students are currently allowed 15 hours per week to study and book certain spaces.
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Library opening hours is here: https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/library/...opening-hours/ it is on a reduced service, but normally is 24 hours. Library is also having an extension. Its big enough as it is, its such a good library.




Specific learning disabilities, and disability support




Diversity at Lancaster
As posed in a question on a previous thread on the Medicine entry thread:
https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/sho...2#post93727784 Post #425
As stated from Sukhy, a 5th Year Student from Lancaster February 2021:
''Coming from West London which is a really diverse/busy/densely populated area, I was unsure what Lancaster would be like, but honestly I've had a really good time here and I rarely ever feel home sick.

The general population/demographics of the city is mostly White British, but I'd say the student population at the University is quite diverse, especially our medical school and it's getting better each year. As mentioned by a previous user, the city is pretty small, I call it a town lol, but has great train connections to big cities like Preston (20mins), Manchester (40mins), Liverpool (1hr-ish), Birmingham(2hr), London(2.5hr) - so you get a lot of students that come from Manch/Bham/London.

My personal friendship group is really diverse and I'm grateful that I met loads of people from various backgrounds through my years at uni (medics + non-medics).

Joining societies is one of the best ways to get involved in the community and meet like-minded people.
^ you can see a list of societies here and there's loads under the heading 'International'.

Highly recommend having a look at some of these social media pages (100% not an exclusive list, I've just put a few here):

Lancaster Uni Student Union BAME officer

Lancaster Uni Chaplaincy Centre
The Chaplaincy Centre is for people of all faiths and spirituality.

Lancaster Uni BME Medics Society
We actually have a BAME society for Medics and other healthcare professionals which I think is fantastic!

Lancaster Uni African and Caribbean Society (ACS)
Really active on social media, they have over 700 followers, close knit community and hold regular social events.
Lancaster Uni Indian Society
Again really active society, holds regular events, has over 1000 likes on their Facebook page.
Lancaster Uni Islamic Society
Lancaster Uni Sikh Society
Lancaster Uni Hindu Society
Lancaster Uni Pakistani Society
Lancaster Uni Tamil Society
Many of the above South Asian societies came together and held a 'South Asian Winter Ball' last year which was a great success
Lancaster Uni Filipino Society
Lancaster Uni Kazakhstan Society

Interesting fact: I have medic friends involved in every society that I've listed above, many of them are actually on the execs! That's what I love about these societies, they give you something to do outside of medicine, they are like a home away from home, and a great opportunity to make friends with non-medics and collaborate with other societies.

I hope this helps, feel free to get in touch with the societies that you might be interested in and definitely get involved with them if you're with us in October 2021!

Best wishes,
5th Yr Lancaster Med Student ''

Useful Links:

https://portal.lancaster.ac.uk/intra...-19-statistics Covid cases currently

https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/virtual-tour/ virtual tour of campus.

https://thetab.com/uk/lancaster/ A student run online article/magazine

Places of interest:
Williamson Park: this also houses the Ashton memorial and when you get to the top of the hill, the views are superb. Its worth the extra climb to the top of the memorial itself.
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Morecambe Bay: A seaside resort with plenty of arcades, fish and chips and statue of Eric Morecambe. Morecambe winter gardens is haunted (we did a ghost hunt there) and we also ate at the Station promenade which used to be an old train station waiting area converted into a restaurant, and also the kings arms on the seafront. Both have great food. Morrisons is also here.
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Lancaster Castle: Home to the pendle hill witch trialsin 1612 where several were put to death. In the past they do a great halloween night out for the students so hopefully when covid has been and gone it will reopen again , See watchdevante a you tuber who did this on halloween.
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More to follow....
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Social side:
Night life:
There are a couple of clubs in Lancaster
Sugarhouse, which is the university’s student run club in the city.
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Dalton Rooms/Glow is another club which has various nights such as Skint Mondays.
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Kanteena, is a club/venue that plays live music and also has food.
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Cornerhouse, The Study Room, The Crafty Scholar, The water witch, Tipples, Pendle witch, Sir Richard Owen (spoons), Ye olde John o’ Gaunt, Squires, The Stonewell Tap, Sphere bar, The Crypt, The Robert Gillow, The Penny bank, The Brown Cow, to name just a few. Not to mention the 9 bars on campus. Great for a pub crawl.
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Cornerhouse above:
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the study room above:
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The water witch above
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The crypt Above

Some of the Fast Food in Lancaster
Maccy D’s and Kfc in town, Subway, Mama Mia, Papa Johns, Golden dragon,
Some of the Cafes in Lancaster
Brew, Starbucks, The Cornish Bakery, The Hall, The Music Room,
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Brew Above
Name:  the cornish bakery.jpg
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The cornish bakery above

The water witch, Pizza Margherita, the Herbarium, Fibbers bar and grill, Journey Social, Mollys Italian, Bella Italia, Buccellis bistro, Istanbul café and restaurant, Sultans of Lancaster.
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Special areas of campus.
Woodland Walk
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Study pods
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Trim trail
Name:  the-trim-trail.jpg
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Bonnington steps
Name:  bonnington.jpg
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Sultans /post office, angels, go burrito, spa
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Central mini market
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Chaplaincy centre
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Alexandra square (this also has a weekly market when covids done one)

Name:  alex square.jpg
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Time stamps of video underneath:

0.45secs walking onto the north of campus and County Townhouses are on the right hand side. Lica Building is about 1 o'clock

1.40: The left side old looking grey retro building is whats called county main. This is where the superior standards are and also the county tree inside a quad area there.

4.30: is the great hall. This is where you graduate (and currently doing PCR tests there at the moment. daughter got tested today and was negative, happy days)

5.23: I beleive this is one of the county south quads, also english language and linguistics.

6.00: start of the North Spine, a covered walkway which is handy when it rains.

6.22: the new 400 seat lecture theatre thats being built.

6.40 :law schoo, arts and Bowland. quad

7.52: the faraday complex on the left. This has the faraday lecture theatre. Blackwells bookshop on the right

8.05: the physics garden and Physics building.

8.36: to the right- a pathway leading into another Bowland quad.

8.55: Alexandra Square. This has the library, Greggs, Whsmith, Juicafe, Barclays, Santander.The base.

10.20: entering the south spine with the deli coming up on the left, and lusu living on the left.

11.05 this is where some ofthis has changed. Ketcap which was a burger place i beleive. Thats now called Angels which does great food. Under that is Sultans. You also have spa here, the post office, wok inn and also collection point where you get your parcels, and go Burrito and costa.

12.00 this is where you go to the LEC. this is biomedical sciences, zoology etc. to the opposite of LEC is Furness College.

12.30: on the left is Pizzetta republic. and

13.00 Psychology, Stats and Maths and Fylde College. The Mill which is a good bar and do great burgers.

13.50 Engineering

14.37 Management school.

15.23 the black building is the business and i think thats also management too.

16.12 :Grizedale college Ensuite and standard accommodation

16.50: Grizedale bar on the left and the Grizedale Townhouses on the right.

17.30: the brown and white building is pendle college

20.10 InfoLab on the right, Pendle college on the left.

21.54: Pendle rooms the pendle college bar.

22.42 Central another mini mart.

23.00 W2B2 aka Wibbly wobbly burger company. right side is George Fox bulding which is more fylde accommodation. There is also a Chinese takeaway in the george fox Ive seen.

23.55 more of the george fox.

26.00 on the near right building which is brown and blue is Fylde accommodation i think and the far right inthe red and brown buildings are furness? Bowland Tower is behind that.

28.03 is the bonington steps. You cant see it from that angle, but most people sit on them and chat.

31.03 back to Alexandra square

31.10 on the left costa, on the right, steps leading down to the underpass where you catch the bus to town.

33.05 another view of the road leading into the underpass.

34.50 the chaplaincy centre.

37.25 more bowland accommodation, same as 38.40

40.32 on the right the lica building

41.50 back to County College grounds again.

It hasnt covered the rest such as the sports centre, health and innovation campus, or south campus of cartmel, lonsdale or grad college, but it does give a nice little walk around tour
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Freshers Week:
‘Freshers’ week 2020 comprised of moving in colleges staggered over a period of a week. We was welcomed in by college members holding banners and cheering which was lovely. Then you go to the college porter lodge, collect your key, freshers pack and get directed to your room.
https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/about-us/term-dates/ this is the link to it. but I can see the confusion here because its still this years cohort.

Michaelmas term starts 1st of October 2021 on the Friday. This means your lessons start on the Monday the 4th of October (as opposed to the Monday 5th last year)

This means you freshers week will be happening the week prior to that.Freshers will start on sunday the 27th of September to Sunday 3rd of October.

Arrivals period will be 18th-25th of september (should covid still be an issue).

Last year they implemented an ''Arrivals period''. this staggered the unis colleges coming in. So in the case of my eldest, she is in Grizedale ,and Grizdale and fylde colleges moved in on the 26th of September last year, the day before freshers started. Other colleges were earlier than that (I think furness was one of the first).

Because of covid she got an invitation to book a time slot to move in which is 2 hours long. The booking opened up about 4 days before move in day. She, and another person had the same time slot in their flat of 12.

Because of covid you was allowed yourself and 1 other person to help you move in. Yes others are allowed to join you in the car journey, but they can’t go in the accommodation. Colleges have their own freshers week programme. This comprised of on line parties with your flat, also Instagram treasure hunts and bingo to get to know the campus. Plus dress up themed nights with your flat and also kahoot quizzes. I will not tell you the name of my daughter’s team, lol too rude. Freshers week also had society fairs as well online. Hopefully come 2021 things will be back to normal, but if not, this will be a similar theme to last years.
Arrivals https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/welcome/...vals-weekend/#
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Grizedale 2020 freshers week programme.

Get ready for Lancaster uni around 1 month before:
https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/welcome/campus-learners/ If you complete this, you know you have filled the necessary things for Lancaster.

You tubers:
Watchdevante https://www.youtube.com/c/WatchDevante/videos
Start from ‘’Day 1 the departure’’ ends ‘’Day 86 until next time England’’ – Day in the life of an international student from Canada. He lives in a County Townhouse with 11 others.
Joshua Hillmanator Hillman https://www.youtube.com/c/JoshuaHill...Hillman/videos
Start from ‘A week in my life – Lancaster university student edition’’ in 2018. – He goes on a year abroad to New Zealand in year 2. He lived in a Pendle standard accommodation.
Caitlyn and Morgan https://www.youtube.com/c/CaitlynandMorgan/videos
2 friends, 1 goes to Lincoln, the other Lancaster.
Alice does physics https://www.youtube.com/c/alicedoesphysics/videos
Start from ‘’Week in the Life of a Physics Student | Lent Term, First Year (wk4)’’ in Feb 2017 – she lived in furness college
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For physics I am going on what my daughter reports back to me
https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/media/la...and1920-UG.pdf is a list of the modules althoguh this is also listed on your email portal as well which you get around a week before uni starts. Also before uni starts just a few days before you will also get a time table of the weeks ahead.
First Term
Phys101 The Physical Universe is in Michaelmas term weeks 1-5 and is by Professor Iain Bertram (subject to change as years go on)
Phys102 Classical Mechanics is in Michaelmas term weeks 6-10 is by Edward Laird https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/physics/...e/edward-laird
PHYS111 Functions & Differentiation is Michaelmas term 1-5 by David sobral https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/physics/...ncalves-sobral
PHYS112 Integration is Michaelmas term 6-10 by Victor Tseplin https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/physics/...iktor-tsepelin
PHYS131 Vectors & Vector Algebra Michaelmas week 1-5- IT Skills Is by harold fox and Jaroslaw Nowakhttps://www.lancaster.ac.uk/physics/about-us/people/jaroslaw-nowak
PHYS132 Basic Physics Skills - Communication Skills Michaelmas week 6-10 by Victor Tseplin
Name:  phys dept.jpg
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Physics dept above.
This is a great first term. they basically touch up on your maths and physics Alevel skills to ease you in. David Sobral played the ukelele to students during lockdown after a lecture. It helps if you have done further maths, however daughter reports back that people who have not done FM have manged ok with it.
The Lectures seem a lot of fun, and they also do kahoot quizzes as well to test your knowledge.
You will get 2-3 problem sheets per week to work on, as well as seminars, labs, workshops and tutorials.
During January, you will have 4 exams and the rest in June with results in July.

At present what with covid, first term consisted with Labs in person, and the rest on line. But being on line has not proved as an issue since the lecturers make it fun anyway. The odd lecturer has uses lecture capture, but then she runs it at 1.5 the speed so she can take the notes faster. she would love to have in person lessons and lectures, so looks forward to when that comes, but is still enjoying her course now
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The Tab
The tab is a student run website which has has news and gossip on many univerisities, Lancaster being one of them.
Here are some links I think you might find entertaining:

Sexiest building on campus

Which Peaky blinders gang is your college?

You cant call yourself a Lancaster student unless you have done all these 14 things

Take 2 Cinema- a cinema on campus:

Bus stops:

Campus Post-it note artwork

This townhouse photoshopped themselves onto the last supper for Christmas decoration.

Here are the best walks around Lancaster:

Cafes in lancaster:

Things I wish I knew about lancaster that the prospectus didnt mention:

Which is the ugliest building on campus:

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