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MSC Data analytics or top-up degree for electronics system engineering

Hi, basically I have my degree from my country which is Bs Electronics and communication Engineering, according to UKNARIC its equivalent to level 5 here in the Uk. But I dont have experience on that field since after I graduated long time ago(13years) I land a job in Logistics which is not related to my study.
Now, I am in the UK for 4+ years, I was thinking of going to university like distance learning courses, I was a full-time mom at the moment, and with staying home I want to progress as well like when it is a time to look for a job at least I have an additional qualifications that I can put on my CV. I was thinking of studying top-up degree for electronics engineering to become level 6 here in the UK or doing MSC Data analytics. Without prior experience on my degree, I know it is very hard to find jobs here.What would you recommend on me? I am looking as well for the indemand jobs here in the UK like chances of getting hired after the study.
[I have already GCSE grade 5 for (English and Math), IPC610 cert.]

Please respect my post.
Thank you
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