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Any advice would be helpful! Undergrad BioSci in UofEdinburgh

Any Advice from anyone would be very helpful !!!!!

I’m a s6 student studying in Scotland, and I want to apply to (Biological Sci/ Biomedical Sci/ Medical Sci) in University of Edinburgh.

Since I want to get in, I’m not sure which one of the course should I choose between (Biomed and MedSci). Because I’m afraid it’s too competitive and not getting in :frown:

My s5 grades are AACCD,
S6 grades are predicted to have 4As and 1B.

As the entry requirements on the UofE website, both 2 courses are listed to be:
( SQA Highers: AABB by the end of S5 or AAAB by the end of S6. BBB must be achieved in one year of S4-S6. )

1. I was wondering if I am all right to apply to the course with my s6 grades.

2. Will this be a disadvantage or a low chance of getting an unconditional offer by applying with the s6 grades? What would the chance of having an unconditional offer?

3. I’d want to know more about the competition of each course since UofE is my top choice!

Any advice would help! Thanks!

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