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Neuroscience Career Path help!

Hi guys, I was hoping for some advice.
I love neuroscience as a subject and find it super fascinating, I'm hoping to study it at uni (starting in 2025).
However, I'm worried about career prospects moving on from my degree, I don't want to do a medicine degree or get a phd after my undergrad and I'm worried that that would really narrow my career prospects. Does anyone know any careers/ jobs that I could get with just an undergrad degree (doesn't have to be directly neuroscience based, just anything slightly related to it)
Thanks :smile:
Your job prospects will be the same as anyone else doing any other degree.

Most people don't do a job related to their degree at all.
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I'm currently an undergraduate studying Neuroscience! Although I am going down the PhD route (hopefully), there are definitely jobs you can use an undergraduate degree for. Most people tend to lean towards either the research (technician, clinical research etc) or the pharmaceutical path (clinical trials, sales etc). Scientific writing is also quite interesting - you could do that full-time or just freelance.
Here are some links I hope will help!
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