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In dire need of help and in deep confusion on my GCSE textile coursework☹️

So here’s a bit of context, I’ll try my best to summarise everything so sorry if it’ll be long but gosh I’m so stuck dude😭😭😭Out of my whole year group, only less than 10 people chose to do textiles which meant it’s not even enough to make a class so we had to be merged with the art students. It sounded alright at first except…throughout y10 I did 0 textile projects and did all art projects (which also isn’t even a lot)

start of y11, we were told to choose theme of close up or human figure. I chose close up. I took a generic photograph of a leaf close up with a small ladybug on it. I’ve not been given proper guidance on what else to do with this image I’ve taken other than do connotations on…whatever..and draw it..? I guess I didn’t spend as much time researching because the lack of help really demotivated me so in my mocks, I just hurriedly got the idea to do a pencil drawing of the photo and a George O’Keefe style painting of the photo (because no textile artists were mentioned on the slideshow they provided as a digital booklet helo I suppose..) I finished the pencil drawing, done a mood board and mind-map of ‘close up’ but during the mock the paint wouldn’t blend on this wood canvas and it was so unfinished (it was seriously 5% painted) so I left it to rot in the art room.

During Christmas I found this artist Susan Brubaker Knapp who paints on cloth and then goes over the cloth painting by stitching which I thought hey can’t I just do a George O’Keefe painting and then go over it like Susan does? I have no idea if I’m supposed to further develop this and I guess after finishing that i can annotate it later (which I struggle so much on dude, i hate writing and annotating anything)

None of the two teachers are helpful because I kid you not they are art teachers but seem to only know a few things about textiles. Not necessarily saying they’re unhelpful and don’t know what they’re doing but in terms of explaining to me, a textile student with no support on what to do compared to the art students, they’re ass.

The sorta stuff I’m confused on is :
-When expanding your coursework, and finding out about artists, and then doing the thing where you try to replicate their work sorta, does it HAVE to be from the image I took? Or can I just take an image of anything and just draw/do it in the artists style and then annotate about it? Can I not just replicate (idk if l replicating is the right word but I’m trying to say not 100% copying because I feel like logically that’d just get you downgraded?) like for textiles, suppose this artist did a sunset piece, can I just take a different picture of a bus stop and try to replicate it like how she’s done it for the sunset piece she’s done?

I’ve also done a circle cut out of the leaf photo to do some ci embroidery but I’ve only done stitching of the leaf veins and…that’s about it. The teacher seems a bit angry that I’m not further developing this but she’s so angry looking I’m too scared to say I’m confused because either way, I came up with this idea on the spot when she asked where my mock piece was because everyone was finishing off theirs and since I left my canvas to rot somewhere…Yeaaaa…

Thankfully the school does have a textile room which is pretty small and has some useful materials and sewing/embroidery machines but again, with no help from the teachers I don’t know how to properly make use of this.

Also for the final piece work project, does the work we’re doing also have to be from our own image or can i do something not from an image but more from an idea? The themes have been leaked almost everywhere lol but I chose ‘Colours’

Also how does art coursework give me mark for textiles? Or does it not at all?

Sorry if this is so rushed and poorly written, I’ll answer any questions if anyone’s confused on any bits but I’ll REALLYYYY APPRECIATE LIKE ANYONEEEE HELPING ME I’m literally so confused and desperate

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