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Engineering with foundation years.

A foundation year is a year added to the start of your degree, making it 4 years rather than 3. This can be useful for those who don't quite meet the academic requirement to study the 3 year course at degree level as they have a lower entry requirement, or perhaps those who have been out of education for some time.

Foundation year courses offer a perspective on engineering from branches such as mechanical, systems, and electronics, allowing a peek into the different engineering options as you study. Working in line with industry, pioneering the CDIO approach, you will focus on real world problems and apply your learning to help create solutions for local industries.
During the foundation year, you will develop your engineering, science, and computing knowledge, and you'll gain skills to prepare you to study at degree level. You will then go on to explore areas including:

Engineering Mechanics

3D modelling and design

Materials and manufacturing Engineering

Control systems, instrumentation, and electronics.

Through project work, you'll develop as an independent thinker, and you'll gain practical and transferable skills that will help you work effectively in an engineering team
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