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p&n prelim paper (higher english)

i saw someone saying the higher english p&n prelim paper this year was about tattoos for the close reading paper? can anyone confirm this or have any more details
also, any idea what norman maccaig poem was in the set text paper or what the prose fiction essay questions were?
if you don't know the maccaig poem or the essay questions feel free to put what poem/text/etc you answered on bc might help others
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All I know is last question on ruae is an effective conclusion . If u have any more information let me know
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Original post by landroversales
College has become the ultimate waste of time and money. You're going to see, in the real world, when reading and sending 80 emails a day - your "higher English" is rejected in favor of a pithy quick to the point yes or not and get on with it type of reply.

Those who can - do. Those who can't - teach higher English. College professors live in thier heads. They add little to no value to the real world.

'Highers' are basic high school qualifications for which all students in Scotland are entered.

By all means go rant elsewhere, but don't be in here suggesting to young students that there is no value to completing high school.
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In USA highers usually mean college. Sorry for ranting. I'll try to be positive .

Go to High School - yes please finish high school.
Go to college for STEM (science, enginerring, technology and mathmatics) related degrees...
Go to trade school
Go to specialist school
Apprectice to learn business

But please don't go to college .. it's a waste of time and money... you are the food. You are paying the administrations high salaries and the new football stadium they are building. You are also paying to subsidize other students with your fees.

I don't know what the situation is in English Scotland. I know some countries college is free. In that case you are lucky because you are only wasting your time.
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'English Scotland'.

Give me strength.

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