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Is it manageable to do 5 highers and a National five in S5?

Hey, my National five exams are in a few months and I’m currently thinking about dropping National 5 music (i got As in everything else in my prelims but a D in music) as I’m not enjoying the subject and the whole class is honestly a shambles. However, I don’t want to be doing less than everyone else. Also, I’m currently doing applications of mathematics however a lot of the uni courses I’m interested in need normal maths. So I’m thinking (I’m in S4) I drop music and sit seven Nat 5’s, then next year I take 5 highers as normal as well as National five maths. (Rough English equivalent is 5 Alevels and 1 gcse) I want to know if anyone has done something similar and thinks it’s manageable? I do have a good work ethic and am willing to work really hard I just want to know if it’s doable. Please feel free to give any insight you may have. Thanks a lot. <3
As far as I'm aware you only have 5 subjects in s5 , but I'm currently doing 4 highers and a nat 5. You may need to stay on till s6 if you want to do 5 higher and n5 maths

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