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Are winters in the UK getting colder?

I'm only 20, and I know I'm living in an era where things are warmer everywhere, but I feel like in the last few years, especially since like 2021, winter is getting colder than I remember. Not necessarily snow, but take right now. It got down to like minus six where I'm from in essex last december and we had lots of snow. Maybe warmer than average winters is all I've ever known so when it does get cold it seems unusual, but seeing forecasts of like 1-2C forecasted...I feel like summers may be getting hotter, but winters and even late autumn to a lesser extent are getting colder. Not sure how the rest of europe is but I know there's been record cold in scandinavia, record snowfall in european russia, and in 2021 spain got ridiculously cold like -37C. Not a climate scientist but have heard how like the jet stream could be slowing down which means western europe could/will become a lot colder in winter but warmer in the summer, and drier too.
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This isn't scientific by any means, but I've been noticing the same thing. The summers where I live in Kent are nice and warm, but a few years ago they were unbearably hot. Similarly, the other day we had snow for the first time in years where I live. Other than the snow, I don't know if the changing heat (well, perceived heat in my case) is down to how it feels to me or something external. I have lost some weight in the past few years, and that could be contributing to it.
In Reading it rarely snows in the winter - but it gets frosty in the mornings.

So far this winter has been pretty mild - most of the time I'm fine with a hoodie and no coat.
I think so well def compared to the least few yrs
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i'd say it's the opposite...
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There were long icicles hanging from the house that I thought would fall on me.....

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