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Should healthcare workers get paid more than footballers, according to teenagers?

I'm doing a presentation about the question above and need help writing the script that will be marked and the presentation itself.
I could really do with some help!

Also opinions about the subject are appreciated!
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On the one hand, football makes obscene amounts of money and it makes sense to me that the footballers see their fair share of the pie. On the other hand, they're just kicking a ball around and I think they're grossly overpaid for what they actually do. Healthcare workers don't really make money for anybody but they provide an invaluable service to society and so yes, they are grossly underpaid, specially considering some of the inhuman working hours that many healthcare professionals face. In my opinion, of course.

A good idea for your presentation would be to do some background research on how much both are paid, see if you find some articles about the question itself, and circulate a short survey asking your classmates about this :smile:
I’m no good at script writing so will leave that to somebody else. And I’ll put post here to get this back on the top of the page and maybe some of my followers will see it lol.

In an ideal ideal world anyone would say yeah, but we don’t live in an idealiststic world. The two roles are very different with different supply and demands. You can’t afford to pay nurses that amount simply (not saying they shousljt be paid more) and football clubs can pay their players what they like.

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