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Relationship Advice pls help

Hi guys, I’m gonna make this quick and dumb it down. I’ve been at uni and I’ve been in like a “situationship” with a girl on my course for the past few years on/off. We were going out in 2nd year but broke off after since months and have been off/on since then and have been physically active. She’s also my best friend over here at uni, but we both acknowledge we can’t be together in the future after uni (family/religious issues) so after this year when we go back home, we’re gonna have to cut ties in terms of physically. She’s very attached to me and has feelings for me and I have feelings for her too, and I care for her deeply. Thing is, I’m at uni for 6 more months, there is no future in the relationship in terms of “marriage”, but I want to keep it her as my friend (she says she struggles to be friends w me if she can’t have me type thing). Another girl has approached me whom I find very attractive and known her for about a year because we have some classes together and has been asking me out twice now. I haven’t told girl #1 because I haven’t entertained girl #2 - but I kind of want to go for it to see what it’s like because I haven’t had a date or anything in a long time and I get on with this girl. I’d like to add though with girl #2 there isn’t much future with her either as she goes back to Spain in 6 months and I’ll probably never see her again but I keep thinking about her (girl #2), and “what if I did go on a date with her”. What would you guys advise and suggest?

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